Made4Impact (as he is fondly called; also, WhizDon) is a writer and author who loves to write and make an impact. He is a Change Agent, a Mentor and a Counsellor, a Motivational Speaker, teacher of the word and also, a Graphic Artist. Of it all, he is someone who loves to create a change wherever he finds himself.
How I started
Can I really remember everything? Maybe not, but I can vividly remember where I came from, how I got to where I am today.
When I was a kid, I loved books but not the reading aspect; the way it was packaged. Not that I don’t read books but I don’t find it interesting. What I found interesting was the way a book is and the way it is packaged. One thing that thrilled me about books was the author’s name printed on the cover.

Well, I began asking questions from adults, “How is it possible to print someone’s name on book when it’s not that it was written?” Of course, I got answers to my questions. I decided within myself that I would like my name to be printed on the cover of a book or something fabulous (printed not written. I didn’t want it to be written because it will either be a pencil or a ball pen used in writing it but I didn’t want that”. I decided to ask questions about how that can also come to a reality and people do tell me that those names printed on book covers are names of people who wrote the book so as to give knowledge to anyone who read (past tense) the book. I added that to my understanding of books and asked the question “If you say it is someone who wrote the book, is it possible for just one person to write such an enormous book? Geez! The words in it are lengthy. Where did he get them? How many days did he spend gathering the words and sentences?” Fabulous isn’t? I got a palatable answer to that question which I formulated into what I use as the motto of one of my organizations before it was changed and what was that? “Writers are Readers, Readers are Leaders”. My Goodness! This is an awesomely awesome statement. In other words, a person who reads writes and a person who leads, reads.

Of course, I was still a kid when I asked these questions and got those knowledge.
When I got that statement, I said to myself “hey, you that you don’t like to read, you want to write. You’re a joker. What do you want to write if you don’t read? Where will you get what you want to write if you don’t read? If you really want to write so your name can be printed on the cover of a book or as the one who developed that write-up, then you must begin to read”. And because I really wanted that, I decided to read books even as small as I was then. Up till tomorrow, I still read books.
As I was growing, I got to know that “reading so as to write is not just the real thing but reading, writing and developing your own personal ideas so as to impact knowledge is what makes the difference”.

One day, I was alone in my room, meditating and was looking up some words in the dictionary. I didn’t know what came over me. I just formulated a name for myself and decided to be called by that name.
I do attend seminars, forums, etc. And in one of the seminars, the person speaking said “positive words and positive statements are what makes a person. If you don’t have something or you want to do something, you begin to say positive words to yourself. You say, I am a success, I can do these, etc.”

Of course, I wanted to make an impact and that was why I continued reading, writing and speaking. I loved writing to the extent that my write-ups became lengthy as to what you can call a book and with different titles which are motivational, powerful and interesting. My flare for writing gave birth to one of my organizations. Also, because I want to impact people and make a difference, I became who I am today. Even my name says it – Made4Impact.

I didn’t think of myself but the people around me. I wanted to give them something that will make them useful to their generation and because of that, I attained a great height. Therefore, I will admonish anyone reading this that if you want to do great things and achieve greatness, do something that will affect your society positively.