Friday, 30 December 2016

What is your Motivation?

What is your motivation? In other words, what is that thing that keeps you going, that keeps you steadfast in that thing you’re doing? There must be something chasing you or something you’re running towards. That thing is your Motivation.

Now, let me help you understand that the massiveness and the magnitude of your motivation will determine the level of your speed in achieving what you want to achieve. In other words, if your motivation is little, your speed will be at a low level but when your motivation is high, the rate at which you run towards your achievement or away from what is chasing you will be high.

Now, let me help you understand something. Your motivation determines your achievement. The level of your motivation determines the level of your achievement. There is no man on earth who does not have a motivation but what differentiates us is the level at which our speed goes. Also, may I tell you; motivation can be positive or negative.

What exactly is motivation? From the word motivation, we derive motive. And the motive one can have towards something can be good/bad, positive/negative. So also is motivation, it can be good/bad, positive/negative. Let’s not focus on the bad side – the negative. But know this, either good or bad motivation, irrespective of the speed level, both yields results. I mean negative motivation produces results, same with positive motivation. The question is what kind of motivation do you have towards that thing you’re after?

What are you running from and what are you running towards? If you’re running away from something, you’re definitely running towards something. Now, the magnitude of what is chasing you determines how fast you will run from it. The magnitude of that thing chasing you will determine the rate of your speed. The rate at which you run when a dog is chasing you differs from the rate at which you run when a hen is chasing you. And when a dog is chasing you, you’re running from it and you’re running to safety. Now, the dog is your motivation.

Also, the degree of what you’re after will determine how fast you will run and how well you will prepare towards it. If you’re after the profession of a teacher, the way you will sit at it will be different if you’re after the profession of a lawyer. And sure, these are positive motivations. What is your motivation towards that thing you’re doing? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it gifts? Is it commendation? Then you need to do a re-think. Of course, they are good but they shouldn’t be your primary. They should be secondary.

Ask yourself, what drives you? What is driving you? What keeps driving you? What is your motive?

What is your motivation?