Monday, 30 May 2016

Spiritual Maturity

Now, when I say Spiritual Maturity, what do I mean?
As human being, we have phases in life. Firstly, we were given birth to as babies then we grow into adolescence, adults and then we become aged. But I can practically tell you that a man of 35 may not be matured while a girl of 17 can be more matured than someone who is in his/her 50s.
What I’m actually saying is that maturity is not about age. Let’s leave the human maturity for now.

In the spiritual, maturity has to do with how you are deeply rooted in Christ; how you handle situations (Pro. 4:7), etc.
The way you were when you became born again should be different from the way you are presently; just as it is in physical maturity. 1Cor. 13:11.

If as a believer you still carry your bible secretly so as not to let people see that you’re a new man in Christ, you’re not yet Spiritually Matured. You might be matured physically, I mean ‘Matured’ in its actual sense but if you still do things with care so as not to let people see that you’re solid in Christ, then you need to take more bones. You should not take milk again. Milk is meant for the babies in Christ and for us to give to those we want to preach the gospel to unbelievers, per say. Therefore, to give milk, you ought to have taken bones and before you can take bones, you need to take milk because in the process of giving milk, you might be asked a bony question and if you’ve not taken bones, you yourself might be in a tight corner when you’re asked a kind of tough question. Therefore, you have to be spiritually matured.
Of course, maturity does not stop at one place; we get matured every day. The mistake that happened yesterday taught you a lesson so as not to be repeated today.

Signs, Qualities/Features of Spiritual Maturity
  • When someone says “A”, you already have an idea of “J” or where he/she is heading to.
  • Your prayer life will not be the same as it was when you got born again.
  • When demons see you approaching or hears your name, they find their square root.
  • Wherever you find yourself, people will see Christ in you. In other words, you won’t hide your identity in Christ. Luke 12:8-9.
  • You won’t be afraid to preach the gospel.
  • When you pray or decree a thing, it will always be backed up by Authority in Christ Jesus. Matt. 16:19; 18:18.
  • bound in heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven.
  • You obey John 4:23-24
  • You do what is in Joshua 1:8
  • And so on
  • Are you Spiritually Matured? 2Cor. 13:5

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