Monday, 18 April 2016

Finding Your Edge: How can you find your Edge?

In the first part of this topic, I explained what it means to find your edge, why you need to find your edge and the benefits attached. If you haven’t read it, I implore you to do so by clicking here.

Now, today’s topic; how can you find your edge? I can also say “how can you find the reason you’re on earth and fulfill that reason (purpose)?
Firstly, you have to…. Let me give a scenario.
When you buy a new product, of course, it will be packaged in a carton or something. Inside the carton, there is always a manual so you can read and follow the instructions & also, refer back to it when you get stucked in the process of fixing it to make it work. E.g., A standing fan. That’s for a product we know. What about a product we don’t know. Let’s say the product is a new one just introduced into the market. You don’t know what it is or the usefulness; you might buy it and think it’s used for washing, whereas, it is used for playing a game.
In other words, that product is not serving the purpose for which it was bought but serving another purpose and it is not supposed to be. How do you correct that? Through the user’s manual packaged alongside the product in the carton.

Now, what I’m saying in essence is that you are a product that needs to serve a particular purpose on earth and how can you do that? That is the first point which says ‘ask your manufacturer, as a manufacturer is the producer of a product and who is your manufacturer? God, our creator. Ask your creator why He created you and why He put you on this earth. Ask Him what you’re to do; your purpose for being in existence. Also, in asking the manufacturer, we have a manual and that is the Holy Bible.

The next thing is that you should find what you love to do that when you do it, you will find it easy, and you will experience joy. Something you do such that when you do it, you will not find difficulties instead, you will find it exciting and you won’t want to stop doing it.
  • Develop your skills: The next is to develop your skills and be creative in that activity which you love to do. Do more, don’t rely on the efficiency of the knowledge of that craftiness you have. Surf the internet, read books that are in relation to that field, learn from others, etc.
  • The next point in relation to the point above is that you should find yourself in the midst of people who are have interest in that particular area. Meet with them, share knowledge and ideas; learn from them and vice-versa. You see, no one is an island of knowledge. In other words, learn from their creativity and skills and let them learn from you also. In this way, you will not only find your edge better but also become an expert or a professional in that field. Please note, I am not saying you shouldn’t engage in other activities. You can do other things but stick to one. Let people associate you with a particular field. Know where you belong not that you are here and you’re also there.

  • Lastly, Believe in Yourself. Let no one discourage you or demoralize you.Be courageous, be of good cheer; encourage yourself even when others discourage you because you have what it takes to be great.